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Your Family Dentist in Castro Valley Offers Solutions for Sensitive Teeth

29 Sep

Having sensitive teeth can make even the simplest activities such as eating, drinking, and performing oral hygiene routines challenging and painful. Tooth sensitivity is typically the result of eroded tooth enamel and dental issues such as cavities and/or cracked teeth. Occasionally, it can be sourced by over-brushing or overusing substances for teeth bleaching. Enamel erosion exposes the most sensitive parts of the teeth and gums, which literally feel the pain during certain activities. Fortunately, our dentist in Castro Valley at Redwood Canyon Dentistry is here to offer you some solutions to resolve tooth sensitivity.

Treating Tooth Sensitivity

If you have concerns about tooth sensitivity, our family dentist in Castro Valley recommends you come in for a consultation for we can help you discover the best solution for your particular situation. Some of the solutions we typically recommend include:

Oral Hygiene Changes—Our Castro Valley dentist may advise you to reduce the amount of pressure you use when brushing and recommend cutting back to two brushings per day. We may also recommend that you use a non-abrasive toothpaste designed for sensitive teeth.

Fluoride Treatments—Our dentist in Castro Valley can apply a fluoride treatment to the most sensitive teeth to strengthen enamel and may prescribe a solution for you to use at home.

Limit Acidic Foods and Drinks—Certain foods such as carbonated drinks, wine, citrus fruits and yogurt are highly acidic and wear down protective enamel. Reduce your intake of these or use a straw when drinking to reduce tooth contact. After eating acidic foods, drink water or milk to neutralize acidity.

Tooth Bonding—Your Castro Valley dentist can apply a thin, invisible coating of bonding resin on your teeth and sensitive root surfaces to help reduce exposure pain.

Surgical Gum Grafting—Receding gum lines can source sensitivity, and transferring a small amount of gum tissue to the affected area can help protect exposed roots and eradicate sensitivity of the associated teeth.

Root Canal Therapy—Often considered the most effective treatment for sensitive teeth, root canal therapy can eliminate issues within a sensitive tooth’s dental pulp.

Struggling with Sensitive Teeth? Contact our Family Dentist in Castro Valley CA

Don’t go another day having to avoid the things you love to eat and drink due to sensitive teeth. Give Redwood Canyon Dentistry a call today at 510-581-1991 today, and don’t forget to ask about our amazing new patient specials!

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