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Pediatric Dental Exam

Pediatric Dental Exam

From Your Castro Valley Dentist

At Redwood Canyon Dentistry in Castro Valley, we want every member of your family to have a healthy, pain-free smile. Your kids deserve a lifetime of good oral health, and it begins with regular pediatric dental exams during childhood. These exams should be with an experienced children’s dentist, who knows exactly what it takes to maintain healthy gums and teeth during development. As your family dentist in Castro Valley, we’re proud to offer pediatric dental exams for kids of all ages.

Benefits of Regular Checkups with a Pediatric Dentist in Castro Valley

We recommend that parents schedule checkups as soon as their child’s first tooth appears. Afterward, your child will need pediatric checkups once every six months. But why, exactly, do kids need to see a dentist so regularly? Here are some of the biggest benefits of regular exams from a pediatric dentist:

  • Kids get used to the dentist. Your child will need a pediatric dentist for years to come, so it’s helpful to establish the routine – and get familiar with the staff and space – as soon as possible. Normalize trips to the dentist, instead of waiting until they’re associated with pain or fear.
  • Kids learn how to brush their teeth properly. Your pediatric dentist in Castro Valley knows that oral hygiene mostly happens at home. We will help your child learn age-appropriate lessons and strategies for keeping their teeth and gums healthy.
  • Poor oral habits are caught earlier. Thumb sucking, nail biting, tooth grinding, and other repetitive habits can affect the formation of the teeth and jaw, so it’s important for dentists to stay up-to-date with kids’ oral habits.
  • Dentists catch early stages of tooth decay before cavities form. Treating cavities is painful and scary for kids, so it’s important for dentists to get regular looks at your child’s teeth. If we spot early signs of buildup or decay, we can intervene before fillings are necessary.
  • Good oral health now could prevent heart disease and diabetes later. Gum disease and tooth infections can lead to infections elsewhere in the body, and tooth decay is actually linked with a higher risk of developing diabetes and heart disease. Good news: if kids avoid tooth decay during childhood, they’re more likely to avoid adult tooth decay – and all the risks associated with it.
What Happens During a Pediatric Dental Exam

Of course, a pediatric dental exam is also beneficial because it will cover your child’s preventative dental care needs. During your child’s pediatric exam, their family dentist in Castro Valley will perform some or all of the following procedures to keep their teeth healthy:

  • Examine the bite and condition of the gums
  • Remove buildup and plaque from teeth
  • Scale and polish teeth to reduce future build-up
  • Brush teeth
  • Provide strengthening fluoride treatments
  • X-Rays to monitor growth and rule out problems
  • Discuss brushing methods and hygiene recommendations

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After your child’s pediatric exam, their dentist will discuss the results with you. Call us today at 510-581-1991 to schedule your child’s next pediatric dental exam with a caring Castro Valley dentist or visit us online today to schedule your FREE initial consultation!