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Playsafe Mouthguard

Prevent Injury with custom-made

Playsafe Mouthguard

Personalize PlaySafe® mouthguards with 150 color options, or create your own design!

A broken tooth, cut lips and even concussions caused from a blow to the jaw can happen to any player, whether professional or amateur. Score big with a product that has the power to protect against serious dental injuries. A 2018 study found that mouthguard users were between 82% and 93% less likely to suffer dentofacial injuries. Basketball has the highest number of dental injuries. It’s time to play safer!


Unlike disposable mouthguards, laboratory-made PlaySafe mouthguards provide the wearer with a superior fit that is specifically tailored to each individual based on their

  • Sport
  • Orthodontic condition
  • Gender
  • Age

Because of this thorough tailoring, your star athlete can focus on winning the game, while other disposable mouthguard wearers might be struggling with

  • difficulty breathing
  • inability to communicate to teammates
  • complications swallowing
  • overall discomfort
  • chewed-through material

PLAYSAFE Sports MouthGuards are now available at Redwood Canyon Dentistry.

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