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Dental Treatments Offered at Redwood Canyon Dentistry in Castro Valley

10 Nov

At Redwood Canyon Dentistry, we offer a wide variety of dental care services to our customers in and around the Castro Valley area. From the very basics like teeth whitening to cosmetic procedures- our state-of-the-art facility and expert dentists are well equipped to offer quality dental services and treatments to our customers.

In this blog post, we cover the range of dental treatments that you can avail at our dental clinic in Castro Valley.

Tooth Decay

At Redwood Canyon Dentistry, we specialize in providing quality dental care for tooth decay. From filling to sealing cavities or removing decayed teeth to preventing the spread of an infection – our experts will be able to guide you and provide the right treatment at our clinic.

What causes tooth decay?

The mouth is home to a variety of acid-forming bacteria. Overtime bacteria causes gradual damage to different components of your teeth. Bacteria can be so powerful that it can actually break down your teeth and create other complications like tartar cavities, abscesses and other painful infections if not handled properly.

Tooth decay might also be a telltale sign of other prevailing health problems such as Alzheimer’s and heart disease. In severe cases, the bacteria in your mouth can actually enter the bloodstream via decaying teeth and gums. This is why it is imperative to seek instant treatment for tooth decay.

For more details on the causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment options for tooth decay, visit our Tooth Decay detail service page and schedule an appointment for a dental exam.

Tooth Wear

Over the course of your life, your teeth are bound to get affected with normal wear and tear. In fact, about 97% of the population has some form of tooth wear symptoms that eventually requires proper treatment. Tooth wear is different from tooth decay in the fact that the cause of the problem is not a bacteria but general use over time.

What Causes Tooth Wear 

As we age, our tooth structures become weak and prone to damage. This might lead to chipping and cracking of the teeth which can be a great source of discomfort. Diet also plays an important role in tooth wear with certain food and drink items leading to accelerated tooth wear. As the protective enamel around your teeth diminishes, the susceptibility to develop tooth wear problems increases. Even brushing your teeth too aggressively can lead to tooth wear problems over time.

For more information on tooth wear, how to take proper care of your teeth and to avail tooth wear treatment options, visit our tooth wear detail page.

Teeth Grinding 

Teeth grinding is another common problem that is prevalent in many patients. The tricky part is that many people never seek any help for teeth grinding because it can actually go unnoticed. That is, until the telltale signs start to appear. However, if you visit a dentist, they can easily detect damage to the teeth due to teeth grinding and provide effective treatment to help you overcome this problem.

What causes teeth grinding?

There are many causes for teeth grinding such as sleep apnea, anxiety and stress. It manifests itself in different ways, one of the most common being teeth grinding in sleep. Prolonged teeth grinding can lead to tooth wear, chipped or broken teeth or gum issues. Since teeth grinding accelerates tooth wear, it is important to nip the problem in the bud and save your teeth from further damage.

For more information about teeth grinding and available treatment options at Redwood Canyon Dentistry, visit our teeth grinding detail page.

Gum Disease 

Bacterial infection in the mouth can lead to damaging of the soft tissue and gums that support your teeth. As plaque and tartar develop on your teeth, the chances of developing gum disease increases. Gum disease can vary in intensity and consequently the treatment options also vary.

The first stage of gum disease is Gingivitis. This can be easily reversed if diagnosed in time otherwise it can graduate into periodontitis which is a far more advanced stage of gum disease. As the severity of gum diseases increases, so to do the health risks. This is why it is important to consult a dentist as soon as you see signs of gum disease.

For more information on gum disease, symptoms and available treatment options, visit our gum disease detail page and schedule an appointment.

Teeth Sensitivity 

Teeth sensitivity is a common dental problem that affects more than half the population at some point in life. Sensitive teeth can be very painful as the gums recede and tooth enamel erodes. The exposed roots are covered with cementum which is not strong as enamel and is susceptible to sensitivity in the nerve endings. Teeth can be especially sensitive to certain exposures including:

  • Foods and drinks that are particularly hot or cold.
  • Acidic or sweet drinks and foods.
  • Discomfort when brushing your teeth or chewing.

Tooth sensitivity may come and go over time, but there are certain causes that you can ultimately avoid to reduce incidents. If you’re suffering from teeth sensitivity then learn more on our teeth sensitivity detail page and schedule and appointment today for inspection!

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