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4 Reasons to Use your Dental Benefits or Flex Spend Before the Year Ends

6 Nov

You work hard every day to earn your benefits or pay for dental insurance, so why would you want to let your dental benefits expire unused? Our family dentist in Castro Valley encourages everyone to make an appointment today for teeth cleaning or to have any dental problems investigated before those valuable dental benefits or flex spend accounts disappear. Here are four reasons why.

1. Annual Maximums

If you want to get the maximum out of your benefits, you’ll typically want to use them by the end of the year. Once January arrives, if you are on the calendar year plan, those benefits likely will not roll over into the next annual period.

2. Deductible Considerations

Deductibles vary from plan to plan, but if you have invested a substantial amount into yours so far this year, you might want to go ahead and consider getting the most out of your plan now. Consider following through with any major dental procedures or investments like braces before the new year begins and you must meet a new deductible.

3. Get What You Pay For

Our Castro Valley dentist believes that you should get what you pay for, so what’s the use in paying for premium benefits that you never use? If you don’t any need any major work that dental insurance covers, you and your family should come in now for an exam and teeth cleaning. Let your benefits work for you so we can help identify and prevent any oral health issues early.

4. Stop Tooth Pain

Have you been putting off dental work because you think your benefits aren’t coverage enough? Contact our Castro Valley dentist to inquire about how we can help you use your flex spend account or dental coverage before your benefits expire, so you can get the relief you need now.

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Have questions about using your dental benefits, or want to avoid possible fee increases next year along with facing a fresh deductible? Contact our family dentist in Castro Valley, CA today at 510-581-1991 to schedule an appointment.

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